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Playstation 8-Wire Mod Chip Installation

Tools Needed:

  • Soldering iron with a fine tip
  • Solder (we send you super thin solder)
  • Philips head screwdriver

Remove the Playstation cover

Remove all the screws on the bottom of the Playstation and lift off the cover

Unplug the connectors and take out the laser unit

Gently remove the connectors on top of system. There are four of them and each require a little tug.

To remove the copper colored ribbon you pull firmly while holding the white papered area.


After all the connectors have been removed. Just lift out the laser housing unit.

Remove the metal bracket

Remove the screws holding the metal bracket in place and lift it off.


Remove the circuit board (only for models 100x & 550x/555x)

Remove the screws along the top edge of the system. The circuit board  can now be lifted up and turned over. 


Only for Model 750x

On Model 750x, You must remove this metal plate from the motherboard by desoldering it or bending it up to expose the solder points. The easiest way is to bend the plate up. Then just bend it back when you are done. The choice is yours.


You are now ready to install the chip

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